Geoclima cooperated in the development of the air conditioning plant of a brand new building in the very modern and high-class residential area Zafaraniyeh, in the North of Teheran, Iran. An old building was demolished and a new private one has been built. The new building is seven stories above the ground and six under the ground. The new palace will house shops and commercial centers as well as apartments and offices.


The owner needs an air conditioning plant and they looked for both chiller and air handling unit. In the development of the new plant the property was explicitly looking for the best in terms of quality, efficiency and reliability. They are not looking at the short-term: they are building for the next generations. Therefore, they are not interested in saving money at the beginning if this means to have non-top units which are probably going to need much more efforts and costs in the future. The specific requirements set by the client were:

  • the most cost effective solution in the long term
  • the most reliable solution available


Geoclima designed and developed, closely working with the owner, one Turbomiser air cooled unit with 220 KW of cooling capacity and one Clima Tech air handling unit.

The client explicitly asked for a Turbomiser unit and this request has come after visiting an installation and after the comparison of different alternative chillers with Turbocor compressors, screw compressors and scroll compressors. This comparison has revealed that, although at first it may seem to be the most expensive solution if we consider only the cost of the unit, Turbomiser by Geoclima is actually much more cost effective than the other units on a ten-year time horizon as all other costs involved such as energy cost and maintenance are dramatically reduced.