We aim to develop applications with the lowest environmental impact possible, using refrigerants with a very low GWP, such as the HFO-1234ze and the R290.

Energy Efficiency

We design and develop HVAC solutions able to provide high performance in terms of efficiency and return on investment.
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We are able to provide our clients with special solutions, customised to their needs and thoroughly tested under actual operating conditions. Learn more about our method.

Wide range

Cutting-edge technology and consistent innovation characterise our production. A complete range of products to meet every need. Visit Turbomiser, G-Range and V-Range pages.

From Italy with love...

At dusk our logo will be illuminated by a tricolor light:
click on the button below and you will send a thought to us,
to Italy and to all those who somehow work to fight this outbreak.
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Discover Circlemiser:
cylindrical condensers and
cascade flooded evaporators
boost efficiency to
outstanding levels.

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