Low GWP refrigerants are the one and only solution

The evolution that is affecting the refrigeration industry is the result of the continuous update of international agreements and directives that aim to reduce global warming. To this end, lowering greenhouse gas emissions is essential: in fact, the more HGWP (High Global Warming Potential) gases enter the atmosphere, the faster our climate will change.

For that reason, it is urgent to move towards the progressive replacement of HFCs in favour of HFOs (fluorinated hydrocarbons with a very short atmospheric lifetime) and of natural refrigerants such as R290, R1270 and NH3.

This is why in Geoclima we believe that the only way to deal with the environmental issue is to use refrigerants with GWP<10 and that all intermediate alternatives do not represent the best solution but rather a hindrance in the pathway towards the development of both efficient and sustainable technologies.

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