Building an ethical and business case for LGWP technologies such as HFO refrigerants

Global warming is a reality for which we all must take responsibility. As the leader of a company which produces chillers for air conditioning and refrigeration systems around the world, I know that some of the refrigerants we use in our systems – and the overall efficiency of these systems – contributes to the problem. However…

low GWP refrigerants

Low GWP refrigerants are the one and only solution

The refrigerant industry is always looking for more efficient and sustainable solutions. Being able to combine efficiency and sustainability is crucial from both an economical and an environmental point of view.

Food storage and safety of products

Food storage: the solutions developed by Geoclima

In this day and age the quality and security of food products is a very important and much-discussed issue, so much so that food, and precisely “Feed the world, energy for life” is…