Smart power system


Teslamiser - power supply management system

Teslamiser is the new power supply management system designed by Geoclima for the Turbomiser chillers.
It is an integrated system with a lithium polymer battery and a converter that controls the charge and release of lithium polymers
to the chiller.

Teslamiser can be mounted within the chiller or installed remotely and then connected to the unit. The system is
available for both new and existing chillers.

With Teslamiser it is possible to manage the power supply to the chiller in order to optimize energy flows from the mains power supply or from renewable energy sources available on the site of installation.


Through the Teslamiser control system you can set the charge of the battery during time slots when energy costs are low, so that the stored energy can be then used during time slots when costs are higher. Any excess of energy absorption will be managed by reintroducing part of the energy stored in the batteries.

In case of renewable energy sources, Teslamiser can be set to charge and store energy when supply is free and to release energy when supply is reduced or unavailable (e.g. at night in case of photovoltaic plants).

Operating parameters of Teslamiser are defined by the control system of the chiller, which is the core of the entire system.


Teslamiser can be mounted within
the chiller or installed remotely and
then connected to the unit.


Teslamiser is also designed to work as an uninterruptible power supply in case of blackout and to support the operation of the chiller for a time long enough to restore normal operating conditions.

Teslamiser is the perfect power supply management system for critical plants where, in addition to great performance, it is essential to ensure the highest reliability and continuity of operation, such as in data centers and operating theaters.


Moreover, at present we are studying the possibility to integrate systems for energy recovery directly from the chiller to charge batteries: in this way, Teslamiser would recover part of the energy from mains power supply and part from the chiller itself, optimizing the system efficiency.