Heat Pumps for GlobalFoundries, Singapore


GlobalFoundries Inc. is one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, with plants in Europe, the USA and Asia.


We were commissioned to design a heat pump system for the new plant in Singapore. The government of the Asian island, in fact, has imposed heavy taxes on the use of fossil fuels, especially diesel.

High temperature hot water (85 °C) is required in the semiconductor manufacturing process, and this was being provided by several diesel boilers. As this became increasingly expensive management decided to seek an alternative source of producing the hot water.


To achieve the required purposes, we have developed a 3 VHH heat pump solution with reciprocating compressors providing a total heating power of 1468 kW.

The COP of 1.77 (W/W) and performance can be monitored on the control panel on the machine and thanks to our remote monitoring system via web.


The units were successfully installed and proved more than capable in meeting GlobalFoundries’ hot water requirements in a cost-effective and reliable way.