Can you afford not to operate a Circlemiser chiller?

Average commercial energy prices by year in UK

UK commercial energy prices have increased 4 fold on average since 2004 and are set to climb even further towards the end of this decade.

We have taken energy costs in the UK as a reference, but the increases are widespread throughout Europe.

Source: Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Circlemiser: the world’s most efficient chiller

Compared to a good efficiency screw chiller, our Circlemiser provide energy savings of 45% like-for-like*.

  • Cost of a screw chiller
  • Last time a screw chiller was this cheap to run
  • Cost of a Circlemiser equivalent

*Based on a 24/7 comfort cooling load peaking at 600 kW at 35 °C and following the annual average weather data for London UK and maintaining a leaving chilled water temperature of 7 °C, our AHRI certificated computer modelling forecasts an annual running cost of £ 45,000.

The last time a screw chiller cost that little to run was over a decade ago.

So, either find a DeLorean time machine or employ a Circlemiser chiller!