We design with our clients the most suitable solutions for every type of installation

Our method is based on the service we can offer our clients, starting with an in-depth debate during the design stage. This listening and dialogue phase is absolutely essential because it enables us to identify and offer the most suitable solution for any kind of installation, with the customisation, if necessary, of our projects to the clients’ specific requirements, without sacrificing important elements such as quality and reliability.

All phases of thermodynamic, mechanic and electric design are developed within the company, with the support of advanced IT systems. Thanks to this customised approach, it has been possible to improve our flexibility in dealing with different problems by quickly proposing suitable and ad hoc solutions for any kind of request

One of these is the development of modular units. These solutions are particularly useful, and even fundamental, for indoor installation, which require to face not only the usual problems concerning the unit and the installation site, but also the issues regarding the transport of the unit inside the site: doors, corridors, elevators etc. Geoclima has been faced this kind of problems for long time, through the development of units that, once arrived at destination, are disassembled and the reassembled on site. This design provides a suitable and efficient solution, ensuring the same performances and capacities of non-modular units.

Our structure is organised in order to oversee the projects also during the after-sales phase, managing the immediate solution of any problem, through the computerised after-sales system or by sending qualified personnel from the headquarter or from other authorised service centres. The result is represented by the achievement of the best price/quality ratio on the market.

All types of machines can be provided and developed in non-standard version, thanks to the flexibility of our productive system.

We are able to provide:

  • special dimensions
  • low and very low noise levels
  • EE X construction for areas with risk of explosion
  • low temperature chilled water/glycol down to -3 °C
  • alternative supply voltages and frequencies (e.g. 380 V / 60 Hz)
  • structure and panels made of special material
  • winter operation for cold climates down to -40 °C
  • summer operation at hot climates of up to +60 °C
  • hydraulic packs including pumps pressurization and expansion vessels
  • special design for industrial and process applications
  • special design for marine and sub-marine applications

We are high technology solutions providers

The R&D division is our pride and it is constantly dedicated to the search of new solutions suitable for providing a constant technological renewal of our machines. Quality, efficiency and reliability are the foundations of our engineering and updating processes. The introduction of new technologies, concerning the components and their applications, has enabled us to not stop the evolution and enlargement of our product range. In this way, we are able to offer a wide variety of solutions and to consider together with the client which one best suits his requirements.

Our policy is to use the highest technology available and to optimise every single component of a system, in order to maximise efficiency and to reduce product dimensions and weight. This leads to essential benefits under several points of view: first of all, the reduction of start-up costs; then, the possibility to perform installations even in locations with significant space problems; finally, the guarantee of a satisfactory return on investment.

The great attention paid toward the search fot the best and most technologically advanced solutions, enables us to develop cutting-edge HVAC applications, such as the first World chiller with HFO1234ze, developed for Waitrose, the first chiller in Europe with double combination cycle propane and carbon dioxide, or the innovative Dynamic Noise Control (DNC) for noise measurement and control.