The latest Geoclima innovation dedicated to cooling data centers

Data centers use a lot of energy to cool servers and support equipment, and owners/operators are constantly looking for ways to reduce power consumption and improve reliability.

In addition to this, applications of this type require high cooling capacities which means very large chillers plus backup units to minimize the risk of data center shutdown due to overheating. The result? The need for a large installation footprint and high shipping, installation and maintenance costs.

We have already established how our solutions easily provide double-digit energy savings compared to more traditional technological solutions. A significant advantage for applications such as data centers that have a constant heat load 365 days a year. Learn out more here:

But today we are able to offer more!

Our R&D division has developed a new range specifically designed for cooling data centers and capable of optimizing performance, both in terms of energy savings and transport, installation and maintenance costs as well as overall footprint.

MegaCircle is developed from the concept behind Circlemiser, the exclusive technology characterized by special cylindrical condensers that increase the heat exchange surface by 45%. But in this innovative configuration, the cylindrical condensers have been designed to be extendable, effectively doubling the heat exchange surface while maintaining the same footprint.

MegaCircle is equipped with 8 oil-free centrifugal compressors and 4 refrigerant circuits for a cooling capacity that reaches 4200/4400 kW (1195/1251 RT). Furthermore, because all the condensing sections operate in parallel on several refrigeration circuits, MegaCircle is able to make the most of the surface area of the condensers at partial loads, significantly increasing performance in terms of energy efficiency.

The disruptive innovation lies in the fact that this performance, already exceptional by itself, is achieved on half the footprint. The benefits in terms of shipping, installation and costs are substantial.

MegaCircle has been designed to use R134a, R513A and HFO-1234ze, the greenest refrigerant in the world, with GWP levels <1 (according to a 2015 IPCC study) and classified as A2L according to ASHRAE 34. Thanks to its configuration, the range is able to achieve efficiency ratings of EER 4.59 (W/W)1 at 40 °C (104 F°) ambient temperature and EER 5.34 (W/W)2 at 35 °C (95 F°) ambient temperature.

1Cooling kW/RT = 0.766 – Cooling EER BTU/Wh = 15.662
2Cooling kW/RT = 0.659 – Cooling EER BTU/Wh = 18.221

Main benefits:

  • Greater cooling capacity per m2 /sq.ft footprint

  • Halved the quantity of chillers installed

  • Greater performance especially at partial loads

  • Lower cost per kW (Ton)

  • Lower shipping cost

  • Lower installation & labor costs

  • Lower maintenance cost

Result: reliability, efficiency, savings and greater return on investment.

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