Onboard Touch

Constant monitoring and remote interaction

Onboard Touch - chiller remote monitoring solution

Onboard Touch is a web-based solution that makes it possible to monitor the chiller operation and to diagnose any problems as soon as they arise. The user interface can be displayed on the browser, no software is therefore required and it can be run on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Onboard Touch works via a three-nodes connection: the chiller, the monitoring server, the Web portal.

The hardware of Onboard Touch consists of a GSM/UMTS gateway installed on the chiller: in case of plants with multiple chillers, only one gateway is installed, with a three-wire communication connection linking it to the other chillers. Whenever there are mobile connection problems, one can use an Ethernet cable connection to the customers LAN.

What data is collected?

The server constantly communicates with the gateway and saves all the recorded data: these data are uploaded on the Web portal where can be displayed remotely, by accessing the reserved area.

There are two types of data that are recorded by the gateway and sent to the monitoring server: data about the unit operation and data concerning faults, alarms and any changes in setup parameters.

Operation data

For example, all information about temperature, pressure, loads, cooling capacity. These data are saved in the server and are periodically examined to get an analysis of unit performance. These data are also very useful when problems arise, since they make it possible to identify the actual running conditions at that moment.

Faults, alarms and events

All information about faults or malfunctions, alarms sent by the unit and all events recorded by the gateway, such as the change in a setup parameter. In this case, the server not only saves all these data, but it also sends a notice via email or SMS to Geoclima and, if agreed upon, to the client or the final user.

Remote interaction

By accessing the Web portal one can not only view all the data concerning one specific plant, but can also interact directly with the unit, for example changing some parameters. The data that can be viewed and the actions that can be performed depend on the access level of the user.

With this system one can constantly monitor the chiller performance and, when possible, fix problems remotely without the need for the engineer to visit the site of installation.

Onboard Touch - chiller remote monitoring solution

Common situation

The unit suffers an unforeseen alarm condition: the alarm is recorded by the server and notified via email or SMS to the Geoclima Aftersales office. Then, Geoclima makes a remote live connection through the Web platform. If the alarm could be reset simply by acting on the setup parameters, then this is made remotely (via Web) and recorded in the server. In such situations, it is possible to avoid the visit of the engineer in the site of installation, with major benefits in terms of plant performance, as the problem is fixed quickly, and in terms of costs, for both the end user and Geoclima.

Important advantages

  • Promptness

  • Efficiency

  • Time saving

  • Money saving

  • High quality aftersales service