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Geoclima’s solutions for data centres

In today’s digital age, data centres are the beating heart of our technological infrastructure, powering everything from online shopping to social media. However, with great power comes great energy consumption. Data centres are notorious energy hogs, guzzling electricity to keep their servers running smoothly and prevent overheating.

To tackle this energy challenge head-on, data centre operators are turning to more efficient cooling solutions. This is where Geoclima steps in, leading the march of innovation in the refrigeration industry. Geoclima delivers cutting-edge solutions for energy-saving, reliable, and low-maintenance chillers that offer long-term savings for data centres.

Our chiller ranges for data centres

At the core of Geoclima’s data centre cooling strategy are chillers equipped with Turbocor compressors. These oil-free, magnetic levitation compressors boast exceptional energy efficiency, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Among Geoclima’s line-up of Turbocor-powered chillers for data centres are 6 chiller ranges.

This range stands out as one of the most efficient series of air-cooled chillers available in the market today. It boasts unparalleled performance and energy efficiency levels, with an increase in Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of up to 15%. More specifically, it is 45% more efficient than traditional chiller technology, and 15% more efficient than our original market leading product Turbomiser. The technological innovation lies in the development of special cylindrical condensers, which increase the heat exchange surface area by 45%, and the installation of cascade flooded evaporators.

Megacircle represents a tailored solution developed by our R&D department specifically for data centres. It is an evolution of the Circlemiser series, featuring the same cylindrical condensers but with an innovative configuration. These condensers are extendable, effectively doubling the heat exchange surface area while maintaining the same shipping footprint. Megacircle is the ideal option for buildings with limited space and high cooling demand, without compromising on efficiency.

Geoclima’s adiabatic chillers are equipped with an innovative evaporative system that enables significant energy savings by harnessing the natural process of adiabatic cooling. The evaporative system is particularly effective when the temperature is high and the relative humidity is below 60%; during winter periods or in prohibitive conditions for the evaporative system, intelligent control moves the pads away from the condenser face to allow airflow to the condenser, reducing fan power consumption and preserving the system’s maximum efficiency. Additionally, Geoclima R&D department designed a system through which the water used to wet the pads doesn’t go to waste – as it usually happens, – but is recirculated, UV treated to be reused by the chiller. Adiabatic chillers bring about a remarkable reduction in the chiller’s annual electrical consumption by up to 30% compared to an equivalent air-cooled system.

Geoclima’s free-cooling chillers utilize cold ambient air to lower the water leaving temperature, providing an energy-efficient cooling solution. The free-cooling system engages when the outdoor air temperature is 3K lower than the entering water temperature. Optimised heat exchangers with large surface area minimize or even eliminate the workload on compressors, even at positive outdoor temperatures.

Geoclima’s adiabatic-free cooling chillers integrate both adiabatic and free-cooling systems to maximize energy efficiency. By utilizing the innovative adiabatic evaporative system alongside the free-cooling technology, these chillers ensure significant energy savings while maintaining optimal cooling performance. This dual system activates based on outdoor air conditions, leveraging the natural cooling process, and minimizing compressor workload to achieve unparalleled energy efficiency and cost savings.

This range of chillers integrates Circlemiser and Free-cooling technologies. It leverages cold ambient air to lower the water leaving temperature, and utilizes microchannel cylindrical exchangers to further reduce the workload on compressors.

Chillers’ cooling capacity

This table provides a comparative overview of the maximum cooling capacity (in kW) of Geoclima’s chiller ranges for data centres, categorized by the refrigerant gas used. The data represents the maximum performance under standard operating conditions, with a leaving water temperature (LWT) of 24.5°C, entering water temperature of 34.5°C, and ambient temperature of 35°C, providing a final Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) up to 6.17 kW/kW. Additionally, please note that while the table includes three common refrigerant gases, other options are available upon request.

CirclemiserMegacircleAdiabaticFree coolingAdiabatic – Free coolingCirclemiser – Free cooling
R1234ze2500 kW4000 kW2400 kW1800 kW2400 kW2400 kW
R513a2500 kW4400 kW2500 kW2000 kW2500 kW2500 kW
R134a2500 kW4400 kW2500 kW2000 kW2500 kW2500 kW
Max. EER5.90 kW/kW5.86 kW/kW6.17 kW/kW5.36 kW/kW6.01 kW/kW5.10 kW/kW

Optional technologies and accessories

Our chillers are also customizable with a range of optional technologies and accessories. Thanks to customized configurations Geoclima provides optimal performance, efficiency, and reliability based on specific customer needs. Optional features include:

This option enables water circulation between the chiller and the building’s system. As it is already installed on the unit, there will be no need for extensive on-site connection work.

Designed to address environmental concerns, this system ensures that glycol circulates only within the chiller, eliminating its presence in the building’s system while preventing water freezing. This configuration is compatible with Free Cooling, Adiabatic – Free Cooling, and Circlemiser – Free Cooling ranges.

These treatments provide enhanced protection against corrosion for the chiller’s structure and heat exchangers, ensuring great longevity especially for units located in risk areas, e.g. by the sea.

A device that mitigates harmonic electrical currents that may disrupt the building’s electrical network.

Geoclima’s new power supply management system for the Turbocor-powered chillers, which consists of an integrated system with a lithium polymer battery and a converter that controls charge and discharge of power to the chiller. An innovative “powerbank” for chillers to manage and optimize energy flows.

This function allows the chiller to reach 100% cooling capacity within a few minutes after switch-on, minimizing downtime in the event of a power failure.

Offers both primary and backup power sources to prevent extended interruptions in chiller operation, maintaining uninterrupted cooling.

An accessory device that automatically transfers power supply from one source to another in case of a power outage or when the primary power source fails, ensuring uninterrupted cooling.

This device is designed to reduce chiller noise levels by adjusting chiller performance during specific time slots, ensuring compliance with noise regulations while maintaining efficient operation. Geoclima’s DNC provides real time sound measurement through a microphone, with consequent adjustment of chiller performance.

An online software that allows local download of chiller data for diagnostics and troubleshooting purposes. Remote monitoring is also available upon request.

Tailored solutions for data centres

What sets Geoclima apart is its ability to customize these solutions to meet specific data centre requirements. Whether it’s adding optional technologies, adjusting size, or selecting different colours, Geoclima’s chillers are built to adapt to the unique needs of any facility.

With Geoclima’s innovative chillers, data centre operators can chill out knowing they’ve invested in cutting-edge technology that delivers efficiency, reliability, and long-term savings. Upgrade your data centre cooling system today with Geoclima’s tailored solutions.

For a comprehensive list of Geoclima’s data centre installations, take a look at our reference list.

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