A cutting-edge test centre for the highest accuracy

120 square metres of our factory are dedicated to a fully equipped test center in order to test our chillers by simulating the environmental conditions of the chambers they will be placed in. The new test bench is able to provide a climatically controlled room for air cooled chiller up to a maximum ambient temperature of 52 °C and a minimum of 0 °C. Thanks to 400 solar panels connected to the system, we have increased electric capacity up to 316 kW, saving 33.7% of energy costs. Moreover, we have introduced dry-cooler units on the top of the test centre, in order to recycle the heat produced during the tests and increase the ambient temperature control: this way we can maintain the desired temperature, ensuring precise and reliable tests. It is also possible to test unit at very low evaporation temperatures (-25 °C) and with high capacity (1.2 MW air and 2.2 MW water): this is achievable thanks to the installation of a glycol circuit and of new pumps and manual mixing valves. The computer system enables many operations that can maximize the efficiency and the reliability of the tests performed:

  • computerized control of the work process of the unit in accordance with the Eurovent regulation;
  • record of the transient load;
  • self-positioning of the system according to the conditions provided by the project.

Moreover, the computer system enables the acquirement of data and videos that are posted on a production box where the production manager and his staff can always check the operating conditions of the unit. Data and videos are also transmitted to the meeting room, where we can discuss, together with the client, the functioning and the capacity of the machine.

Our Aftersales Department also provides: