• Circlemiser with 24 fans
  • Circlemiser with 24 fans

Circlemiser with Free Cooling

The CM + FC chillers are a revolutionary range that integrates Free Cooling technology into the Circlemiser series. These next-generation chillers utilize the cold ambient air to lower the entering water temperature and use cylindrical microchannel heat exchangers (Circlemiser) to further reduce the load on compressors. The series integrates the coils in a concentric configuration, with the condenser placed inside the free cooling heat exchanger under a single fan. The benefits?

  • Greater energy efficiency compared to traditional coils, thanks to the larger heat exchange surface of the condensing and free cooling modules

  • High cooling capacity up to 2200 kW (625 Ton)

  • Chiller optimized for mission-critical applications, thanks to the innovative integration of the two technologies

Circlemiser with Free Cooling
Circlemiser with Free Cooling

The Circlemiser technology

For the design of this range, Geoclima’s Research and Development division was inspired by the Circlemiser series, using three complementary technologies:

  • Cylindrical microchannel heat exchangers

    In the CM + FC range, the cylindrical microchannel configuration of the exchangers can increase the heat exchange surface by 35% compared to traditional exchangers, maintaining the same footprint as a traditional chiller. An innovative, AHRI-certified solution.

  • Turbocor compressor

    The series’ chillers use Turbocor, an oil-free centrifugal compressor with magnetic levitation that ensures exceptional performance and efficiency, while minimizing environmental impact.

  • High-efficiency flooded evaporators

    The CM + FC chillers are equipped with flooded evaporators that allow a reduction of the difference between evaporation temperature and fluid outlet temperature. This reduces energy consumption while achieving better performance and greater energy efficiency.

Circlemiser - Evaporator side
Circlemiser - Compressor side

The Free Cooling system

In addition to Circlemiser technology, the new range uses the Free Cooling system, which leverages the ambient temperature to lower the entering water temperature when it is at least 3°C above the external temperature. The Free Cooling coils in the CM + FC series are MCHX microchannel cylindrical heat exchangers, inside which the condenser is placed: this way, air passes through the Free Cooling coil before reaching the condenser.

Thanks to these heat exchangers with a large surface area, the load on compressors is minimized or eliminated, even with positive ambient temperatures. Free Cooling is therefore a particularly energy-efficient cooling technology.

In the concentric configuration, the condenser and the free cooling coil are coupled, but the range is also available in a non-coupled version, where the condenser and the free cooling heat exchanger are placed side by side instead of one inside the other. In this configuration, each coil has its own fan and operates independently.

A winning combination

The combination of Circlemiser technology with the Free Cooling system guarantees unmatched performance, making it the ideal solution for mission-critical applications, including data centres, hospitals, power plants, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and automotive industries, as well as high-precision manufacturing plants.

The CM + FC range is available with R513A, R134A, and HFO-R1234ze refrigerants. In particular, the use of the latter minimizes environmental impact. HFO-R1234ze refrigerant boasts a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 6 and an ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of 0.

aT 35°C
aT 30°C
aT 25°C
aT 20°C
HFO-R1234ze2100 kW5,337,9113,3222,2535,52
R513A2200 kW5,357,8212,3520,5432,75
R134A2200 kW5,357,8212,3520,5432,75

Entering/leaving water temperature: 34/24°C
Cooling capacity at 35°C ambient
E.E.R at full load at different ambient temperatures (DB)

EER increase

Optional technologies and accessories

Our chillers can be customized with a wide range of optional accessories to meet the needs of every application. The optional features offered by Geoclima include:

This option enables water circulation between the chiller and the building’s system. As it is already installed on the unit, there will be no need for extensive on-site connection work.

Designed to address environmental concerns, this system ensures that glycol circulates only within the chiller, eliminating its presence in the building’s system while preventing water freezing. This configuration is compatible with Free Cooling, Adiabatic – Free Cooling, and Circlemiser – Free Cooling ranges.

These treatments provide enhanced protection against corrosion for the chiller’s structure and heat exchangers, ensuring great longevity especially for units located in risk areas, e.g. by the sea.

A device that mitigates harmonic electrical currents that may disrupt the building’s electrical network.

Geoclima’s new power supply management system for the Turbocor-powered chillers, which consists of an integrated system with a lithium polymer battery and a converter that controls charge and discharge of power to the chiller. An innovative “powerbank” for chillers to manage and optimize energy flows.

This function allows the chiller to reach 100% cooling capacity within a few minutes after switch-on, minimizing downtime in the event of a power failure.

Offers both primary and backup power sources to prevent extended interruptions in chiller operation, maintaining uninterrupted cooling.

An accessory device that automatically transfers power supply from one source to another in case of a power outage or when the primary power source fails, ensuring uninterrupted cooling.

This device is designed to reduce chiller noise levels by adjusting chiller performance during specific time slots, ensuring compliance with noise regulations while maintaining efficient operation. Geoclima’s DNC provides real time sound measurement through a microphone, with consequent adjustment of chiller performance.

An online software that allows local download of chiller data for diagnostics and troubleshooting purposes. Remote monitoring is also available upon request.

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