Geoclima Asia at MiRA and Subcon EEC 2023 in Thailand

Geoclima Asia, the Thai subsidiary of Geoclima, attended the MiRA and Subcon EEC 2023 Exhibition, the leading industry event in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) on maintenance, industrial robotics, automation and subcontracting, which carried out from 6 to 8 September in Chonburi, Thailand.

The MiRA and Subcon EEC 2023 show was a great opportunity for Geoclima Asia to present its innovative products and services in the field of special chillers for applications in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, with particular attention to quality and environmental sustainability.

Geoclima Asia presented some of its most technologically advanced models, such as Circlemiser, the air chiller with the highest coefficient of performance (COP) on the market, and Circlemod, the modular chiller with cylindrical condensers.

Participation in the MiRA and Subcon EEC 2023 Exhibition was a success for Geoclima Asia, which demonstrated its ability to offer customized and high quality solutions for industrial cooling needs in the EEC region, one of the most dynamic and growth of the Country.

Geoclima Asia thanks all visitors who have shown interest in its products and services and invites them to contact it for further information or requests. Geoclima Asia is ready to meet your cooling challenges with its experience and professionalism.