Geoclima’s next-gen data centre chillers: a cool revolution


Data centres are notorious energy hogs, guzzling electricity to keep their servers running smoothly and prevent overheating. To tackle this energy challenge head-on, data centre operators are turning to more efficient cooling solutions.

This is where Geoclima steps in, leading the march of innovation in the refrigeration industry. Geoclima delivers cutting-edge solutions for energy-saving, reliable, and low-maintenance chillers that offer long-term savings for data centres.

Our chiller ranges for data centres

At the core of Geoclima’s data centre cooling strategy are chillers equipped with Turbocor compressors. These oil-free, magnetic levitation compressors boast exceptional energy efficiency, ensuring optimal performance while minimizing environmental impact. Among Geoclima’s line-up of Turbocor-powered chillers for data centres are 6 chiller ranges:

  • Circlemiser
  • Megacircle
  • Adiabatic
  • Free cooling
  • Adiabatic – Free cooling
  • Circlemiser – Free cooling

Our chillers are also customizable with a range of optional technologies and accessories. Thanks to customized configurations Geoclima provides optimal performance, efficiency, and reliability based on specific customer needs.

Upgrade your data centre cooling system today with Geoclima’s tailored solutions for data centres.