Photronics is a world leading company in the production of specialised components for manufacturers of semiconductors, LCD, opto-electronic instruments and data storage.


For the high technology production facility in the southern Wales, the company had decided to replace former chillers with new units providing compact size, low noise level, reliability and maximum customisation such as glycol production at low temperatures at night for a system of accumulation of ice. Moreover, it was necessary not to stop the cooling process while replacing the plant.


The project concerned the installation of two 300 kW (85 RT) TMA Turbomiser units with Turbocor compressors.


Since Turbomiser units were installed, energy consumption for cooling process has been halved, saving £ 170,000 within two years. Careful monitoring has indicated that the consumption of a single chiller is 13.2 kW against a cooling power of 182 kW, that is EER 13.79 (W/W)*.

*Cooling kW/RT = 0.26 – Cooling EER BTU/Wh = 47.05