Polish food factory


An important Polish food factory has completed the expansion of the meat processing plants. This enlargement has also led to a considerable increase in the thermal needs which could no longer be satisfied by the existing chiller.


The new chiller had to be designed to manage the cooling of meat processing cells where different temperature zones can be found.
Our Polish partner Energycool was in charge of the delivery, assembly and commissioning of the new chiller to be placed on the roof of the plant’s technical building.


Geoclima has designed an air cooled 850 kW chiller with 4 independent circuits to ensure redundancy, stepless screw compressors for better power control and multichannel aluminum condensers for high efficiency. The unit was designed in a “low temperature” version able to produce glycol at -6 °C, using the low environmental impact refrigerant HFO-1234ze (GWP <1).


The reasons for this choice lie in the fact that the paired Energycool-Geoclima is able to guarantee an advantageous combination of experience, technology and quality service, proven by similar previous projects (the delivery of another Geoclima chiller had taken place 4 months before). Added to this is the possibility of relying on remote access to the unit and effective post-sales with timely on-site interventions.