Nampak Megapak is a plastic packaging company, which operates in South Africa and specializes in plastic processing techniques for the manufacturing of plastic containers through blow moulding and injection moulding. Nampak aims to operate as an environmentally responsible company and to this end it was very important for Geoclima to offer a solution able to provide good performance with low environmental impact.


The purpose of the project was the replacement of two existing Daikin chiller units, employing screw compressors and providing 580 kW each. The main aim of the project was about the reduction of energy consumption, and, at the same time, the guarantee of high performance operation.


The project concerned the development of one TMH water cooled unit with Dry Cooler and R134a refrigerant, providing a 800 kW cooling capacity. The Turbomiser unit chills water to 10°C which is then pumped to the plant for mould cooling.
The plastic processing plant where the Geoclima chiller is installed operates at very high temperatures: in such conditions, Turbomiser provides better performance compared to screw compressors chillers. In addition to that, the plastic manufacturing techniques require a precise and continuous temperature regulation: Turbomiser is by far the best solution, since it ensures constant performance and stepless control.


In a process cooling application like this, energy saving is a key issue. With low start-up current, reduced maintenance and high performance, Turbomiser proves to be the best solution for this kind of application, ensuring low production cost and, as a consequent, a valuable market advantage. Moreover, the Geoclima Turbomiser unit ensures low environmental impact and this satisfy Nampak’s sustainable management criteria.
The chiller is very quiet and Megapak are extremely happy with the performance of this unit.

With this project, Geoclima ticks another box on hi-tech and precision process cooling appliances.