Geoclima achieves AHRI ACCL Certification

Geoclima achieves AHRI ACCL Certification

After achieving the AHRI WCCL certification for water cooled range of chillers at the beginning of this year, Geoclima has just obtained the AHRI ACCL certification, for air cooled chillers.

Applying to the ACCL program (Air-Cooled Water-Chilling Package), Geoclima’s air cooled chiller range has earned the trusted AHRI Certified® mark, with the sole exception of evaporative systems and free cooling series – which are excluded from the certification programme – but including Circlemiser, the new ultra-high efficient series of Geoclima air cooled chillers.

AHRI certification is worldwide considered to be the major standard and the most trusted source of performance certification for heating, air conditioning, water heating and commercial refrigeration equipment. In fact, although it is not mandatory, AHRI certification is very often a specified requirement by Consulting Engineers, Building Owners and Contractors everywhere, from Australia to the USA.

Tests have been carried at a third Party’s laboratory under contract to AHRI.

The AHRI Certification of both water cooled and air cooled chillers represents a step forward in our international growth, recently strengthened with the establishment of Geoclima USA, Inc.


Geoclima USA and Hecoclima at AHR EXPO 2018!

After the exciting debut in Las Vegas at the beginning of 2017, we are very happy to exhibit again at AHR EXPO 2018, at booth 7963, from January 22 to 24, 2018, in Chicago!

Great news will be on show at AHR EXPO at Geoclima’s booth. The exhibition will be the occasion to present the new-born Geoclima USA, as the new reality in the US HVAC market, based in Texas. In addition to this, we will share our booth with our partner Hecoclima, for the first time in the USA.

Above all, at AHR EXPO 2018 we will exhibit for the first time Circlemiser, the new and most efficient series of air cooled chillers, with special cylindrical condensers and cascade flooded evaporators.

Come and see us at AHR EXPO 2018, booth 7963!