Back from Madrid with important news: Circlemod and Geoclima Iberica

On February 26th, we debuted in Spain at the C&R 2019 in Madrid. The reception received was excellent and the interest from the Spanish market was very promising.

We did not go to Madrid empty-handed, but we presented the new Geoclima product: Circlemod, an innovative cooling system in terms of efficiency, flexibility and design.
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The Madrid exhibit was the occasion to sign the start-up of Geoclima Iberica, our new sales office which will be based in Alicante and will take care of commercial development in Spain and Portugal.

Geoclima units are the ideal solution for data centers

Data Centers use a lot of power to cool their servers and support equipment and owner/operators are constantly looking at ways to reduce power and improve reliability.

Chillers are used extensively on data centers and there are usually one or more backup chillers to minimize the risk of the data center shutting down due to overheating.

Our units are the ideal solution because they are reliable and efficient and do not require as much maintenance. Even though data centers have a steady heat load 365 days per year, our chillers can provide dramatic energy and carbon savings!

In many cases, 50% energy savings can be easily achieved when Geoclima chillers are installed.

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Trademark registration in China

Geoclima has been recently registered as a trademark in China. This is going to be a further assurance for our clients and partners with a view to Geoclima’s presence and expansion in the Asian market.

CROM achieves ASME Certification

CROM achieves ASME Certification

Our subsidiary company CROM, specialized in the manufacture of standard and special shell and tube heat exchangers, has recently achieved the ASME Certification for the manufacture of Boiler and Pressure Vessel (ASME BPVC). The ASME BPVC Certification Program conforms to the rules governing the design, fabrication, assembly, and inspection of boiler and pressure vessel components during construction. The ASME Certification is required in the US and in Canada and it is recognized in over 100 countries as a guarantee of quality, reliability and safety.

Geoclima expertise in shopping centers

Geoclima’s decade-long expertise in cooling solutions for commercial buildings has been recently employed in a new shopping center in Rome.

In commercial buildings, generally, besides for lighting, the 60% of energy consumption is spent for cooling and heating systems. From this perspective, it is important to rely on air conditioning systems that provide great performance and high efficiency levels. Geoclima solutions can meet these requirements and ensure a remarkable reduction in energy costs.

We started designing and providing HVAC solutions this sector back in 2009 for more than 50 supermarkets and shops in the UK, gaining strong expertise and competence in this sector. The latest project in this field we have taken part in is the big shopping center AURA in Rome: the entire air conditioning system is based on a centralized thermostatic ring system and we provided 6 evaporative dry coolers to dissipate the excess thermal energy of the thermostatic ring.

We at Geoclima are able to ensure maximum reliability as well as maximum energy efficiency,  which are paramount in commercial buildings.

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