Circlemiser with Free Cooling: a new chiller by Geoclima

Circlemiser with Free Cooling
Circlemiser with Free Cooling

Geoclima launches the CM + FC chillers, a revolutionary range that integrates Free Cooling technology into the Circlemiser series. These next-generation chillers utilize the cold ambient air to lower the entering water temperature and use cylindrical microchannel heat exchangers (Circlemiser) to further reduce the load on compressors. The series integrates the coils in a concentric configuration, with the condenser placed inside the free cooling heat exchanger under a single fan. The benefits?

  • Greater energy efficiency compared to traditional coils, thanks to the larger heat exchange surface of the condensing and free cooling modules

  • High cooling capacity up to 2200 kW

  • Chiller optimized for mission-critical applications, thanks to the innovative integration of the two technologies

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