Geoclima, new ASHRAE Silver Sponsor

Geoclima joins the ASHRAE Spain Chapter patronage program as a Silver Sponsor, through its subsidiary Geoclima Ibérica for Spain and Portugal.

The sponsorship agreement has recently been signed by Rubén Serrano Rivadulla, commercial director of Geoclima Ibérica and Ignacio Gómez-Cornejo, president of the ASHRAE Spain Chapter.

For Ignacio Gomez-Cornejo:

With the incorporation of Geoclima, we welcome a new manufacturer that has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of non-standard chillers for HVAC and industrial refrigeration applications, such as processes, with high technological content and meeting the most stringent requirements in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Rubén Serrano comments that:

On behalf of Geoclima, we thank ASHRAE for its warm welcome. With our incorporation we want to bring our experience in technology aimed at obtaining maximum efficiency, the basis of our company, together with the attention to the environment and the reliability of our equipment. These foundations must be present in every project, to create a better world for future generations, these pillars are our contribution to ASHRAE family.

With this agreement, the ASHRAE Spain Chapter reinforces, once again, its intention to promote human well-being through the application of decarbonisation techniques in buildings while promoting sustainable construction, with the aim of building a healthier world.