A new Circlemiser for Uvas Doce, Spain


Uvas Doce S.L is an agribusiness company dedicated to the import, export and own production of seedless table grapes from the Alto Vinalopó, in the province of Alicante (Spain), with a wide variety of grapes.


Already in 2016 we supplied Uvas Doce with a cooling system for their company plants. Satisfied with the performance of our units, the Spanish company commissioned us to design another system for expanding production, dedicated to the process of handling, preserving and marketing the product, without interrupting the cold chain. The priority for the new plant was to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability while reducing CO2 emissions.


To meet these requests, we designed a 580 kW Cirlcemiser chiller with oil-free centrifugal compressors and our exclusive circular microchannel condensing coil technology, capable of increasing the heat exchange surface by 45%. In addition, the chiller has been designed to use HFO-1234ze, the world’s greenest refrigerant with GWP levels <1 (according to a 2015 IPCC study) and classified as A2L according to ASHRAE 34.


Once the new installation was completed and after several months of operation, our unit met all the customer’s requests, offering excellent levels of efficiency with an EER of 3.60 (W/W).