Plaza Marqués de Salamanca in Madrid


The building located in Plaza Marqués de Salamanca in Madrid dates back to 1942 and in 2000, after being uninhabited for a few years, it underwent a total renovation that guarantees the requirements and functionality of a 21st century building.


The main objective was to obtain maximum efficiency while respecting the environment.

In 2019 they gave us the opportunity to study the project, in which they indicated their will to obtain maximum efficiency, reliability and respect for the environment, reducing CO2 emissions.


Our proposal was articulated with the supply of different units to satisfy all the needs of the client:

  • 3 x 700 kW units from our Circlemiser series serving the entire building’s air conditioning system, exceeding project requirements.
  • 2 Turbomiser units of 500 kW with Free Cooling, serving the data center refrigeration.

Both systems are designed to use HFO-1234ze, the world’s greenest refrigerant with GWP levels <1 (according to a 2015 IPCC study) and classified as A2L according to ASHRAE 34.

  • 1 Hecoclima multipurpose unit for the simultaneous production of cold and heat with cooling capacity of 160 kW and heating capacity of 170 kW: the heating mode for support service and the cooling mode for chilled beams on each floor.


Our solution met the expectations of both Project Management, Engineering and Property, delivering efficiency levels with an ambient temperature of +40 ºC with an inlet of 12 ºC and an outlet of 7 ºC with an EER of 3,450 (W/W ) and an ESEER of 5.916 (W/W).