Mars Petcare, Thailand


Mars Petcare is a multinational corporation with a portfolio of almost 50 brands that have been serving the health and nutrition needs of pets around the world for 85 years.


To support the expansion of the capacity of the manufacturing plant near Bangkok, we were commissioned to design a very low environmental impact HVAC system.


The customer’s needs entailed a double challenge that the Geoclima Asia team managed to overcome brilliantly: first of all, the new unit should have optimized operating costs and paid particular attention to environmental sustainability; moreover, the size of the chiller should have been as small as possible.


For this project, we have developed a 670 kW (190 RT) and a 446 kW (127 RT) air-cooled Circlemiser chillers, with oil-free centrifugal compressors and cylindrical condensers.

Thanks to this type of configuration, we are able to guarantee high levels of efficiency (EER 3.93 W/W)* and a smaller footprint than a standard chiller of the same capacity.

In addition, the unit is designed to use HFO-1234ze, the greenest refrigerant in the world with GWP levels <1 (according to a 2015 IPCC study) and classified as A2L according to ASHRAE 34.

This is the first air-cooled chiller installation with HFO refrigerant in Thailand.

*Cooling kW/RT = 0.89 – Cooling EER BTU/Wh = 13.41