Sociedad Cooperativa Champinter, Spain


Champinter is one of the main references in Spain for the cultivation of mushrooms, with its own production throughout the supply chain, from Phase 1 to the production of its own compost, passing through Phase 2, Phase 3 and finally Phase 4. The latter Phase 4 concerns refrigeration and therefore is the one in which greater energy consumption is required.


In 2018, for Phase 4, through our partner Instalaciones Frimavi S.L., a solution with screw compressors model GHA was supplied.

After verifying the functioning and excellent reliability of the Geoclima equipment, the customer asked us to develop a new system for the new expansion of Phase 4.

The purposes of this new project were to obtain maximum efficiency, reliability and respect for the environment, reducing CO2 emissions.


We have proposed the supply of two 1000 kW units of our Circlemiser model, with Turbocor magnetic levitation compressors, condensing coils with circular microchannel technology, three independent refrigerant circuits, with very low environmental impact refrigerant HFO-1234ze (GWP<1 – 5 ° R. of the IPCC). These solutions make this model the most efficient air-cooled chiller on the market, +15% more efficient than other compressor driven chillers that require oil for lubrication, with a COP of 3,998 and a SEPR of 8,324 at ambient temperature of +35 ºC.


Once the new installation was completed and after several months of operation, the challenge of increasing efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions and ensuring maximum reliability, was successfully overcome, fulfilling all requirements and already looking to new challenges.