Cyprus, Lordos Beach Hotel


The Lordos Beach Hotel, placed on the seaside, is one of the most luxurious and famous hotel in Cyprus.


The target set by the client was to satisfy three specific requirements at the same time. Firstly, since it is a civilian installation, high levels of silence were needed; then, the highest efficiency possible was required; finally, there was the need to develop a compact sized application, in order to be put on the roof of the hotel – already partially covered with solar panels.


The solution suggested by Geoclima was about the design of a TMA chiller with adiabatic system. The evaporative system exploits the natural process through which the hot and dry air sucked from the environment, passing through evaporative suitably wet packs, cools down. In this way, it was possible to develop a compact sized chiller and, at the same time, ensure high silence and efficiency levels. Moreover, Geoclima was able to offer further solution for energy and costs saving: Geoclima designed a method so that the water used to wet the packs doesn’t go to waste – as happen usually – but is put back into circulation, in order to be reused by the chiller.


The chiller designed by Geoclima turned out to be suitable for the satisfaction of all client’s requirements. The challenge was about combine in a single machine compact dimensions and high silence and efficiency levels – generally achieved through a larger installation.