Zamil Air Conditioners (ZAC) is the largest supplier of air conditioners in the Middle East.


The unit was designed for the air conditioning system at the Zamil Air Conditioners offices, in Dammam Second Industrial City. The purpose of the system concerned the climate control, the reduction of energy costs and the environmental sustainability.


The project was developed by Geoclima, who designed and produced a water cooled TMH Turbomiser chiller with a capacity range from 370 to 1300 tons. It provides low noise operation and requires very low starting current, with resulting benefit in terms of environmental sustainability and costs saving. Moreover, the unit uses variable speed compressors that adjust to the required cooling loads. All these features result in remarkable energy savings, energy efficiency and ease of installation and maintenance.

The importance of this project lies in the fact that it is the first ever oil free magnetic bearings water cooled centrifugal chiller in the Middle East.


This can be considered the most innovative air conditioning application in the Middle East and it shows the know-how and the flexibility demonstrated by Geoclima in customizing every single unit.