Skandia is one of the main providers of high quality solutions for savings and investments in the world. Located in the innovative district of Southampton, it has always been looking for pioneering approaches as far as energy systems are concerned.


Previously, headquarter offices were cooled through two 1000 kW chillers, but they weren’t working well and failures often occurred. The purpose of the project carried out by Geoclima was to develop an efficient and reliable plant and, in addition to this, there was the need for the new units to be adapted to the existing tubes.


One unit was a free cooling chiller requiring a consumption of 2000 litres of glycol per year. Our solution has concerned two air cooled chillers TMA with flooded evaporator and Turbocor compressors, in which the tubes of the exchanger are immersed in refrigerant liquid, eliminating this way the glycol problem. Moreover, we developed two symmetrical chillers in order to make the installation faster and reliable.


Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of Turbomiser, Skandia can save £ 20,000 in energy costs every year.