TMA for Hong Kong Police Headquarters

Three Turbomiser for police headquarters in Hong Kong

Geoclima lands in China with a great prestige project. In fact, Chinese government commissioned the construction of three identical Turbomiser chillers for the police headquarters in Hong Kong. Five big players have been contacted in the world, but in the end our TMA was chosen for best guarantees in terms of quality, technology and energy saving.

"Innovation in the Mega Data Center" for Sberbank

Sberbank awarded with “Innovation in the Mega Data Center”

Sberbank won the “Innovation in the Mega Data Center” for the high level of efficiency of their data center, TIER III certified and one of the largest in Europe (5,000 square meters of IT space). This has been possible only using 58 split oil-free refrigeration units TSA with remote evaporators far up to 120 mt developed by Geoclima.

"Innovation in the Medium Data Center" for Colt

Colt awarded with “Innovation in the Medium Data Center”

Colt was awarded wit the “Innovation in the Medium Data Center” award for the design of a modular data center that provides the highest levels of efficiency (24% saving). This was possible thanks to Turbomiser cooling unit, developed by Geoclima.