Sberbank Mega Data Center


OJSC “Sberbank of Russia” is the largest bank in Russia and accounts for about 27% of Russian banking assets, employing about 240,000 people.

On November 12, 2011 Sberbank opened its South Port data processing center, which claims to be the largest in Europe. It is to replace the existing regional 36 data centers. The building’s overall area is around 16,500 square meters and the IT area covers 5000 square meters of it; power delivery is 25 MW.

Mega Data Center centralizes the resources of all of Sberbank’s regional branches. This will ensure efficient information support to client departments and significantly boost computation efficiency. The project is a certified Tier III data center. It has a unique access control system of vein geography bio-identification.


Moscow is in extreme temperature zone, with annual temperature range from -35 to +40 °C, which greatly complicates to get good indicators of Energy Efficiency for computing infrastructure.


Geoclima proposed a solution to provide power delivery of 25 MW with 58 split oil-free TSA units, based on Turbocor compressors technology, with remote evaporators far up to 120 mt.


Sberbank mega data center won theInnovation in the Mega Data Center” for the high level of efficiency of its data center, TIER III certified and one of the largest in Europe (5,000 square meters of IT space). December 17, 2012 in London took place the 6th Annual Awards Ceremony The DatacenterDynamics Awards. Mega Data Center “South Port” won first prize in the category of «Innovation in The Mega Data Center». This has been possible only using the 58 split refrigeration units TSA oil-free with remote evaporators far up to 120 mt developed by Geoclima.