Mining plant


The client is one of the world’s biggest producers and exporters of potash fertilizers. Its products meet the highest requirements and are recognized by the highest international awards. Geoclima developed cooling equipment for a new mining and processing plant.


Geoclima has not an easy task from customer – design and produce equipment for cooling CaCl2 29%, which is used in the technological process of soil freezing in the mining of abraum salts. The equipment should provide cooling of the 29% salt solution of CaCl2 down to -30 °C and at the same time have anti-vandal design and be transportable.


Refrigeration equipment developed by Geoсlima are used for cooling 29% salt solution of CaCl2. Regulated temperature range of solution is from +10 °C to -30 °C. Volume supply of CaCl2 is 490 m3/h. A temperature chart of refrigerant at an output on freezing mode: -30/-27,8 °C. Total cooling capacity of 4 refrigeration units is 1600 kW with stepless variable capacity from 15 to 100%.

Refrigeration equipment is a system consisting of:

  • Condenserless water chiller with screw compressors, model GSE B 4160 07 SP, complete with shut-off valves, control panel and receiver unit, mounted inside the container;
  • Remote condenser, model RAC 2880, mounted on the roof of the container;
  • Oil cooler with a pumping station, model DAC 2250, mounted on the roof of the container;
  • Internal and external units of split-system to provide air-conditioning inside the container;
  • Remote control.

Thermal insulation of walls and roof of the container is made of polyisocyanurate sandwich panels 50 mm thick. To prevent corrosion and extend the life of the structure of refrigeration unit and the outer panels are made of corrosion-resistant materials. Panels covered with stainless steel on both sides. The containers are equipped inside with air conditioning split-system consist of 2 outdoor and 2 indoor units to maintain the temperature in the container from +20 °C to 30 °C. Also the container is equipped inside with heating and ventilation systems and interior lighting.


Geoclima is able to design and produce equipment that meets all customer requirements and ensure uninterrupted technological process of soil freezing in the mining of abraum salts.