Cheese Storage is located in the territory of the logistics complex “North Domodedovo” – in the Moscow region – which is the biggest site of warehouse segment, not only in Russia but also in Europe. Its total area is more than 1.1 million square meters located on a territory of 280 hectares; it has class “A” warehouse concept.
Warehouse for cheese storage is a two-storey building consisting of 3 areas:
– Unloading zone with total area of 1160 sqm
– Packing zone with total area of 1200 sqm
– Storage zone with total area of 10400 sqm
The range of stored products: hard cheese, spreadable cheese, cakes, culinary products, dairy products, sauces, yogurt, etc. The main product is cheese.
The total amount of stored products is about 6000 tons with a daily trade of about 600 tons. The warehouse operates 24 hours a day all year round.


The purpose of this project is the design of high-performance warehouse, taking into account specific problems concerning to cheese storage and dairy production. The first problem concerned the necessity to remain within a very narrow temperature range (temperature of storing is + 4 °С±1-1,5 °С), humidity (65%) and ventilation rate (2.4), due to the specific storage conditions of these products. The second important problem was the need to create a specific microflora for cheese storage. Finally, there was the need to develop a system able to control sudden changes of temperature and humidity caused by different conditions, such as external climate variations or interventions within the warehouse (opening/closing of doors, etc.).


At the customer’s request Geoclima made a turnkey project, which includes the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the units.
To ensure high performance of the warehouse, Geoclima designed and produced:
4 condensing units, with the use of refrigerant R404A;
40 air coolers with a special antibacterial coating.
Specifically for this project Geoclima designed a centralized and autonomous equipment control and monitoring system in the three zones.


By realizing the turnkey project Geoclima perfectly satisfies all customer’s requirements paying special attention to the specific issues affecting this industry.