Ice cave, Zaryadye Park


The Zaryadye Park is the new park created right in the center of Moscow, near the Kremlin. It is a unique project: the different climatic zones typical of Russia are recreated within the 10-hectares Zaryadye park. In particular, the climatic zones recreated in the Zaryadye park are steppe, tundra, swampland and woods.

In order to maintain the different climate conditions it was necessary to design different plants for the temperature, humidity and wind regulation and monitoring and the natural light simulation for each area.

The Zaryadye park was officially opened on the 9th of September 2017 by Vladimir Putin.


Geoclima took part in the project for the design and creation of the Ice Cave, one of the main attractions of the Park. Temperature regulation is essential in the design of the plant, as it must always be between – 5° C and – 8° C, whatever the external weather conditions are. The Ice Cave takes up around 350 square meters and is 6 meters high.


In order to provide constant and adequate climate conditions so that to recreate the arctic environment, Geoclima designed and produced one 93 kW VSE condenserless water chiller with 16 kW heat recovery.

Before installation, the unit was tested in the Geoclima plant in Furmanov in the presence of the final customer.

The structure of the ice cave consists of curved metal pipes with a total length of 15 kilometers, inside which 8 tons of refrigerant liquid circulate. New layers of frost are artificially frozen on the walls, ceiling and floor of the cave; later they turn into ice. It is planned to freeze a total of 70 tons of water to create the ice cave.

The condenserless unit is provided with heat recovery to heat the floor of the ice cave so that it doesn’t freeze and visitors are able to walk easily.

Geoclima ensures constant remote monitoring of the unit by means of a gateway that sends data about unit operation in real time and that enables our after-sales service to interact directly with the unit, when necessary.


The ice cave of the Zaryadye Park is under completion and the opening is scheduled before the summer. The Geoclima unit was designed to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability – also thanks to the remote monitoring by our after-sales department – which are essential in a 24×7 operation like this.

Geoclima provided a turnkey solution as we directly carried out all the different phases of the project: design, production, test, installation, after-sales.