modular units

Any size you need, anywhere you need

Through our customized approach we are able to reach important achievements, among which the development of modular units. These solutions are particularly useful, and even fundamental, for indoor installations, which require to face not only the usual problems concerning the unit and the installation site, but also the issues regarding the transport of the chiller inside the site: doors, corridors, elevators etc. Geoclima has been faced this kind of problems for long time, through the development of units that, once arrived at destination, are disassembled and then reassembled on site.
An important project concerning modular units is the one we developed for the major London banking institution: it consists of 4 water cooled TMH Turbomiser chillers installed in the basement of the building. By designing modular units we have been able to face all issues related to the narrow space, and to successfully install the chillers.
In addition, this design provides a suitable and efficient solution, ensuring the same performances and capacities of non-modular units.