Dual circuit cascade flooded evaporator to boost efficiency at University of Southampton

For a replacement project for the University of Southampton, we recently cooperated with our partner Cooltherm in the design and development of two innovative Turbomiser water cooled chillers with new cascade flooded evaporator technology. This configuration, applied to the already very efficient Turbomiser technology, boosts efficiency to unprecedented levels, reaching an overall COP of 6.1.

Learn more about this project: https://www.geoclima.com/portfolio-item/university-of-southampton/

Geoclima expertise for food industry

For the construction of a technological chain for food processing, we recently cooperated with our Polish partner EnergyCool and designed special units for different specific refrigeration purposes: cold rooms at -1.5 °C, shock rooms at -40 °C, freezer rooms at -20 °C.

Specifically, we provided two screw compressors air cooled units for 650 kW of total cooling capacity and two 200 kW low temperature compression units, each one of these connected to two remote oil coolers and to one remote condenser installed on the roof.

Learn more about this project: https://www.geoclima.com/portfolio-item/poland-food-industry/