Poland, food industry – Indyk Śląsk


Indyk Śląsk is a Polish company operating in the food industry in turkey breeding, slaughter and wholesale of turkey products not only in Polish market but in any markets in the European Union.

The end user Indyk Śląsk needs a new refrigeration chain for turkey processing and storage in one of its plant. Energycool, an engineering company based in Krakow, dealt with the design and construction of the refrigeration, heat recovery, ventilation and air conditioning system for the Indyk Śląsk plant.


For this project Geoclima worked closely with Energycool in the construction of a technological chain for turkey processing, which includes:

  • room for cutting/processing turkeys (+10 °C)
  • cold room (-1,5 °C)
  • shock rooms (-40 °C)
  • freezer rooms (-20 °C)

The designed daily capacity of the plant is 24,000 turkeys, which produces a daily production of 250 tons. Shock freezing provides turkey meat at 70 tons / day.

For the refrigeration chain different solutions were required according to the specific temperature to be reached and to the specific end use of the system.


For the development of the project, Geoclima designed and developed special units for two different and specific refrigeration purposes.

The project started with the design of the refrigeration system for the cold room, which required a temperature of -1,5 °C and for which Geoclima designed and manufactures two GHA air cooled units with screw compressors and heat recovery system for 650 kW of total cooling capacity: units will operate in parallel in a hydraulic system and will produce a glycol at -7°C (minus seven).

Thanks to the heat recovery heat exchangers, heat produced by the equipment will be recovered and reused to heat air in air handling units and to power the exchanger designed and installed as a frost protection system in the freezer and shock rooms.

For shock and freezer rooms, where extremely low temperatures are required – respectively -40 °C and -20 °C – Geoclima designed two 200 kW low temperature compression units GKK with screw compressors and heat recovery system. Each compression unit is connected to two remote oil coolers and to one remote condenser installed on the roof and which is also connected to evaporators installed within the different rooms.