Geoclima Asia invited to conduct a seminar at the Royal Thai Navy

On September 26, the Geoclima Asia team was invited to conduct a seminar at the Public Works Royal Thai Navy Department.

The event attracted over 40 people from different sections of the Royal Thai Navy, like civil and mechanical engineers, service technicians and procurement officers. This particular department of the Royal Thai Navy handles projects for the construction and renovation of public building for the Royal Thai Navy, such as office buildings and conference halls.

During the seminar, our team introduced the brands and our achievements in the fields of HVAC, including the energy savings of the Turbomiser chiller, the low GWP refrigerant options and our philosophy of high customization.

The second part of the seminar was dedicated to low GWP refrigerants, which are still not as common in their use in South East Asia. The audience was therefore very interested to find out which are the low GWP alternatives out there, while Geoclima explained why it specifically chose the HFO1234ze refrigerant.

This event is a setting stone in building a relationship with the public sector of Thailand, where Geoclima Asia has both a factory and a sales office in Bangkok.

Turbomiser technology at Colt 5MW data center

Turbomiser technology was selected by Colt to provide 5 MW of total cooling capacity, maximum efficiency and reliability to one of their major data center. The purpose of the project was the replacement of four inefficient and unreliable chillers. Air cooled heat rejection plant on this scale produces a lot of warm air, and even with the best possible plant layout air recirculation can be a real problem and effect performance massively across the year. To avoid this, we worked with Cooltherm to design a special “Cold-Isle” containment solution.

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Two Turbomiser air cooled chillers at Museum of Sydney

Geoclima Australasia worked closely with Australian installer Dewpoint on the replacement of chillers at the Museum of Sydney. The project involved the design and installation of two new air cooled Turbomiser chillers, to replace the Smardt units installed in 2005. The project required special attention during the installation phase as maximum 1 day of downtime was possible. The replacement works started at 5 am on Saturday and were completed by 7 pm on the same day. It was a 14-hour work during which many different trades worked at the same time in the same 4 sqm area to complete all operations within the established time frame.

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