A unique project for the Australia’s largest ice arena

The development of special applications never stops and, after a ten-year experience and several installations in Russia, we have exported our know-how in ice rink installations also to Australia.

Indeed, Geoclima Australasia jumped at the chance of taking part in an important project for the Australia’s largest and world-class ice arena, the MediBank IceHouse. The project concerned the replacement of the existing chiller with a new and more efficient unit.

In such applications, a reliable and efficient refrigeration system is essential to ensure constant temperature and to keep air humidity under control. Without a proper refrigeration system many problems may arise, such as excessive humidity, with the resulting condensation and dripping, and uneven surface.

To avoid these problems Geoclima developed a customized solution with a special evaporator. Want more details? Find them out here: www.geoclima.com/portfolio-item/melbourne-ice-rink.