ammonia chillers

Two ammonia chillers for a coal pit in Poland

What most characterizes Geoclima is the capability to satisfy specific needs and to face difficult challenges, concerning, for instance, particular environmental conditions. An example of this is represented by a cutting-edge project realized for an important coal pit in Poland, whose necessity is to operate deeper and deeper and, therefore, to solve problems concerning the related increase of temperature. In these particular conditions, the only way to decrease temperatures is to cool down the air through cooling systems that use refrigerated water to work. Wonan Group SA is the Polish leading company and has developed a cooling system based on two circuits: an underground circuit and a surface cooling system. Geoclima operates in the second one, with the design and realization, commissioned by TERMSTER as a subcontractor of Wonam, of two innovative 1350 kw GNH ammonia chillers with in-house exchangers.