Clima Tech is now part of the Geoclima group

After a 15-years-long partnership, in March 2015 Geoclima has acquired Clima Tech GmbH. Geoclima and Clima Tech together will now be able to improve the offer of solutions for the HVAC market and to meet all specific requirements connected to refrigeration and air treatment.
The two companies together can count on more than 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of special equipment, from ventilation units, to chiller, to AHUs.
Geoclima and Clima Tech employ the same standards of production and will now be able to answer more promptly and efficiently to the requests for AHU-chiller integrated solutions.
Competence and expertise combined to meet the particular needs of the market of chillers and AHUs, not only for commercial and industrial applications, but also for hospitals, operating theatres and clean rooms.