test centre

A continuous improvement for our test centre

Geoclima has improved its test centre and introduced some news to better monitor and analyze the performance of its units.

Monthly and annual reports: the weighted averages of plants operation will be monthly and yearly reported – by recording the data generated by the unit – and this will makes it possible to have a continual monitoring of the units efficiency.

Commissioning and programmed test check list: the notification messages concerning check and maintenance operations will be sent automatically both to the client and to the Aftersales Department; as quality control requirement, these notifications will be saved together with the documents concerning the single units.

Transparency on costs: it is now possible to see the details about the data transfer generated by the client and by the unit and those about the remaining credit.

Reduced costs for messages: the costs generated by the unit will be at Geoclima’s expense within the warranty period of the unit. The clients will only have to pay the costs deriving from their connections via ON-BOARD and via GSM, and, to do so, they will simply need to charge their credit.

For further details, please visit: www.geoclima.com/test-centre.