Geoclima Italia

Geoclima Italia Srl is here!

Geoclima Italia Srl was officially established on May 13, 2016 as the new Geoclima Commercial Department for the Italian market.

After 22 years of research and production in Italy but with an abroad sales network, the time has come now for Geoclima to face a new challenge.

Geoclima Italia Srl was founded to answer the changes that are happening in the Italian market. In fact, we can see in Italy much more interest in issues such as energy efficiency and sustainability and, thanks to the impulse given by the updating of European regulations, and a growing demand in high-efficiency HVAC solutions that use environmentally friendly refrigerants. Geoclima Italia represents the answer to this request and was established to give the Italian market the know-how of Geoclima and its 20-year experience in the development of technologies that can combine high performance and low environmental impact.

Geoclima Italia Srl is located in Ronchi dei Legionari but its market extends all over the national country.  The offer includes all the different ranges of Geoclima chillers, with great focus on Turbomiser range with HFO1234ze, the most efficient chiller of its type on the market today, and all Clima Tech air handling units. In line with the Geoclima core business, all the products given by Geoclima Italia are customised to the clients’ specific requirements, in order to offer the most suitable solution.

The adventure of Geoclima Italia has started! For information you can call 0481774411 or e-mail to