Geoclima supports GEOforCHILDREN and RIDE TO MOSCOW

RIDE TO MOSCOW crossed the finish line but that’s not the end..

On Sunday, August 14, RIDE TO MOSCOW, the charity project organized by GEOforCHILDREN organization, crossed the finish line. After 17 days and more than 2600 km, Paolo Ferraris, Alessandro Ferraris and Arturo Giustina arrived in Moscow: http://geoforchildren.org/ride-to-moscow-arrival/.

The aim of the project is to help Russian orphans, to raise public awareness on this issue, to raise money and promote the fund “A door for Life”, established by GEOforCHILDREN, to be with them every step of the way throughout their growth, before they leave the orphanages, and provide them with all possible instruments to deal with adulthood.

The group has already had the opportunity to meet some young boys and girls, living in an institute in Moscow. This has been a first occasion to introduce the project “A door for Life” and to get to know these youngsters and their wishes: http://geoforchildren.org/ride-to-moscow-closing-event-moscow/.

The athletic part of RIDE TO MOSCOW is over but the charity project of helping orphan children is just getting started and we at Geoclima will keep on supporting GEOforCHILDREN and telling you about the projects developed to help children in need.

We ask you, our partner, to keep following GEOforCHILDREN and their projects.