High Lift: the new range that brings extreme performance in extreme ambient climates

We are pleased to introduce our new High Lift range that will make it possible to design a highly efficient and environmentally friendly process or comfort cooling system even for extreme climatic conditions or for applications where the ambient temperature is particularly high.

The new range implements the technological innovations of Circlemiser to guarantee the same performance in terms of energy efficiency even with extreme ambient temperatures, up to 50 °C (122 °F).

This is possible thanks to a new model of oil-free centrifugal compressor, optimized for high lift applications such as air-cooled chillers, heat pumps and heat recovery units.

Thanks to this new range, it is possible to benefit from the advantages of the centrifugal compressor in extreme fields of application where screw compressors are usually used:

  • greater compactness,
  • greater silence,
  • reduced maintenance
  • exceptional efficiency, both at full and partial load.

On top of that, we have obviously the unique features of the Circlemiser: an innovative design capable of increasing at the same time compactness and energy performance, reaching unprecedented levels of EER.

Moreover, the new range features more environmentally friendly technology: in addition to the traditional R134a, both the low GWP R513A refrigerant or the even greener HFO-1234ze are available.

Finally, the new High Lift range introduces a new Wrapping Evaporative System, developed to integrate the benefits of the adiabatic system together with the already highly efficient system of the Circlemiser.