cutting-edge test center

Our new cutting-edge test center

At the level of test center, some innovations and improvements have recently been introduced in order to make it possible for our clients to participate to very precise witness tests during the different test phases.

Real temperature conditions
Thanks to the installation of exchangers on the roof of the test area and to the use of a new innovative software, we are able to maintain the desired temperature within the climatic chamber. This way the unit can operate at the actual temperature conditions that will be present in the place of installation.

Testing even at low temperatures
As far as structure and plant are concerned, a great change is represented by the development of a glycol circuit, which helps to test units even at very low evaporation temperatures (-25 °C). Moreover, thanks to the installation of 4 new pumps and 2 manual mixing valves, it is possible to test units with high capacity: 1.2 MW air and 2.2 MW water.

New control software
The new software enables several operations aimed at maximizing the efficiency and the reliability of the tests and at providing as many data as possible. With this software, it is possible to get a computerized control of the work process of the unit, in accordance with the Eurovent and AHRI regulations; it is also possible to record the transient load and the self-positioning of the system according to the conditions provided by the project. Another important change concerns the possibility to calibrate the data provided by the tested unit using its modbus communication protocol, with those recorded by the software.

New equipment
Lastly, we have carried out the replacement of the equipment necessary for the control of the thermic charge of the units, by introducing new mixing valves and new PT100 temperature probes directly immersed in the fluid bulk.