Business Center Bellinzona


The Bellinzona Business Center, designed by the archistar Mario Botta, is a highly distinctive and exceptional business center.


The project involved the replacement of the existing air conditioning system, with one that used cutting-edge technologies and low environmental impact gases. Furthermore, the new system would have had to produce cooling and heating simultaneously.


Geoclima, in collaboration with the Ticino-based company Ecotecnic, has designed a unique air conditioning system together with the VRT design studio:

  • two 300 kW (85.3 RT) water-cooled Turbomiser chillers, with high efficiency centrifugal compressors;
  • use of “green” HFO-1234ze gas (GWP <1);
  • the chillers are fitted with shell and tube condensers specifically designed by CROM to manage the production and disposal of heat and guarantee cold production simultaneously;
  • the produced hot water is stored in a tank, increasing the efficiency of the system, or dissipated in the air through four Althermo low-noise dry coolers;
  • the latest generation regulation system allows continuous management of the three-way valves of the hot line and the regulation of Althermo dry coolers.


The system is based on the combination of innovative technologies, specifically designed for this prestigious building in order to allow efficient management of the plant in all conditions and extremely high levels of comfort and productivity.