Vi.V.O. Cantine


With almost 2000 producer members, over 4000 hectares of native and international vineyards, Vi.V.O. Cantine is the most important wine cooperative of the first degree of Eastern Veneto.


The company has appointed Geoclima to develop two cooling systems capable of meeting three fundamental targets:

  1. guarantee the process of vinification of important quantities (130000 hl) in a short time and with low energy consumption, which is a key factor in the wine sector;
  2. pay particular attention to the environmental impact, both in terms of atmospheric emissions of refrigerant gases and noise levels;
  3. ensure continuous remote assistance, in order to be able to constantly monitor the system’s performance, consumption and noise.

These three points are indispensable to guarantee an optimal wine-making process, considering the fact that the refrigeration system is necessary in all stages of the process: from fermentation control, to vinification, up to the maintenance of the product itself. For this reason the plants designed by Geoclima had to provide top level performance in terms of efficiency and reliability.


Geoclima designed, built and installed two plants with 4 high-efficiency air-cooled Circlemisers (EER 4.17 W/W*), for a total capacity of almost 4 MW (1137 RT). The units are installed outside on the ground and are equipped with compressor boxes and DNC for dynamic noise regulation, to ensure low noise levels. To increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact, the ecological refrigerant HFO-1234ze (GWP <1) was chosen. Finally the units are constantly monitored remotely thanks to our web-based platform that allows real-time control and direct intervention on the machine parameters.

*Cooling kW/RT = 0.84 – Cooling EER BTU/Wh = 14.23