Santa Margherita


Founded in 1935 by Gaetano Marzotto, the Santa Margherita Wine Group incorporates eight different wineries in different Italian Regions and is considered one of the most important hubs in the wine sector. Geoclima was selected to supply a refrigeration system for the Santa Margherita Winery in Fossalta di Portogruaro. Geoclima is confirmed as a leader in the beverage sector for the refrigeration of enological processes.


In the wine sector – and in particular in the case of this project – it is necessary to guarantee the vinification process of important quantities in a short time and with low energy consumption. In addition, particular attention is given to the environmental impact, both for the emissions of refrigerant gases into the atmosphere and for noise emissions. Finally, to guarantee the proper execution of the winemaking process, the client requested continuous remote assistance, in order to be able to constantly monitor the system yield, consumption and noise.


The project consisted of replacing old generation refrigeration units with two new machines of the highest efficiency, environmentally sustainable and of maximum reliability. The refrigeration system is necessary in all stages of the process: from fermentation control, to winemaking, up to the maintenance of wine at a constant temperature. For this project, Geoclima has designed, built and installed two air-cooled Turbomiser range units, with oil-free centrifugal compressors and Evaporative System, for a total capacity of 1.1 MW (313 RT). The units are installed outdoors on the ground and are equipped with compressor boxes, DNC for dynamic noise control and low GWP refrigerant HFO-1234ze (GWP < 1).