Siam Poongsan Metal – Thailand


Siam Poongsan Metal was established in October 2000 and it is the only manufacturer of rolled copper and copper alloy products in Southeast Asia. Main products manufactured are copper and copper alloy sheets and strips, coin blanks and materials for ammunition.

Siam Poongsan Metal is a major supplier of coin blanks to the Thai government. With its completely integrated copper and copper alloy production facilities from melting and casting to slitting – Siam Poongsan Metal has contributed significantly to the development of the Southeast Asian region by providing alternative sources of fabricated copper and copper alloy products for key industries. As a result, it has become a recognized and reliable supplier of copper and copper alloy products not only to Thailand but also to the other countries in the region. 


Geoclima’s team was tasked with supplying chillers to provide comfort cooling to Siam Poongsan Metal’s offices in a newly constructed building. This project was also subject to audit by the Thai Ministry of Energy, so it was crucial that the HVAC system, and the chillers in particular, could reach the required efficiency levels. 


Geoclima installed two air cooled Turbomiser units of 230 kW (66 RT) each to operate with three water pumps (one for each chiller and a main pump for the water supply side). Geoclima also designed and installed a sequence controller, to control operation of the both the chillers and the pumps.
By doing so, the customer did not have to subsequently install a BMS or any other general control equipment and is able to control all the main HVAC components via Geoclima’s sequencer. 


After installation, the audit by the Thai Ministry of Energy was passed successfully. The customer is able to easily operate the sequence controller, while also monitoring the chiller performance remotely with our online based monitoring tool.